Affordable KVM VPS VDS in Poland PL and Italy IT since 2013!

Plan CPU RAM SSD/NVMe Backup Bandwidth Price
SVM-0 1 Core 0.5 Gb 10 Gb Weekly Fair use $1.99/month BUY NOW
SVM-1 2 Core 1 Gb 15 Gb Weekly Fair use $3.99/month BUY NOW
SVM-2 2 Core 2 Gb 20 Gb Weekly Fair use $5.99/month BUY NOW
SVM-3 2 Core 3 Gb 30 Gb Weekly Fair use $7.99/month BUY NOW
SVM-4 3 Core 4 Gb 40 Gb Weekly Fair use $9.99/month BUY NOW

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We offer SSD/NVMe VPS and VDS in 2 locations: Poland and Italy. Check your latency and speeds from our public Looking Glass pages.

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